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Worship Service - Sundays at 10:00 a.m.

Monthly Schedule
  • Potluck - first Sunday (after the service)
  • Church Council Mtg - second Sunday (after the service)
  • Holy Communion - third Sunday

  • News&Information
    (updated 21 August 2017)

    Mission Jug: This next quarter is designated to Marble Retreat, to enable them to purchase an ice-maker. Marble Retreat provides calm in the midst of the storm for pastors and other Christian caregivers. POC Mission Director, Becky Bone.

    Hiking: every Friday at 7:00am, weather permitting. Meet at the Fellowship Hall. Projected hikes: August 25th North Lost Creek Trail to summit (4-wheel drive needed); September 1st Treasure Mountain (ATV needed); September 8th Geneva Lake/Fravert Basin (4-wheel drive needed. POCs Jay & Karen Davison, 963-5521.

    Marble Retreat Woodcutting Party: Saturday, September 2nd, 8am to 2pm. Contact Bob Rue for more information/questions: 963-1032

    Annual Membership Sunday: will be Sunday, September 3rd. If you would like to join this wonderful fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ, please consider joining either as a member or as an associate member. Contact the pastor if you would like to join, of if you have questions.

    Annual Church Meeting: will take place Sunday, August 27. Annual reports will be given and a new Council member selected. If you have any interest in serving, please see Council Chair, Peter Bone.

    Pastor's Corner

    We have another wonderful season taking place in Marble.  Seasons are like human beings - it can only be one season at a time; it can't be the middle of summer and winter all at once.  Just like we humans can't be sad and happy at the same time or angry and forgiving.  However, God is different from us in this way.  He can be holy, just, merciful, gracious, glorious, and loving all at the same time.  In fact God has to be fully 100% on as to His nature at all times as He can't violate Himself. 

    God is unlike us in that He is infinite in all of the aspects of His nature.  

    While as humans we struggle to fear or respect God deeply AND love Him deeply at the same time, God can pour into our situation all of His love, purifying holiness, a right standard, forgiveness, His power to live well, and His hopes for our lives. 

    While we must work hard spiritually to understand that God holds us to consequences for our behaviors AND recognize that God loves us infinitely, God is doing everything in His power to help us become godly men and women.

    What is the season of your soul?  What is God doing within your life at this time?  Enjoy it and focus on that one thing God is doing within.  While we can only be one thing at a time, I hope the knowledge that God can be everything you need at every moment is of great encouragement.

    Check out Peggoty's blog titled "but Mary pondered them in her heart" ...the ponderings and wanderings of a Marble pastor's wife.

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